Homemade pies and cooked meats

At K & EJ Crump & Son we sell a full range of delicious pies, pastries and cooked meat products made using fresh, local ingredients.

Choose from the best steak pies, chicken pies, pork pies and roast meats.

Not forgetting, of course, Scottish black pudding and our homemade faggots.

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Product list - Pies & Pastries

Homemade Pies

Steak and kidney (individual)
Steak and kidney (large)
Steak and kidney (family)
Steak (individual)
Steak (family)
Steak and stilton (individual)
Steak and stilton (large)
Steak and ale (individual)
Steak and ale (large)
Chicken and mushroom (individual)
Chicken and mushroom (family)
Sausage rolls
Pork pies (individual)
Pork pies (large)
Pork & Stilton
Pork & Onion Marmalade
Quiche Lorraine
Cornish pasties
Jumbo Cornish pasties
Cheese and onion pasties
Sausage loaf
Gala pork pie with egg (slicing pie)


Duck and orange

Other Meats

Roast topside of beef
Roast turkey
Pork haslet
Ox tongue
Corned beef
Home-made faggots
Scotch eggs
Cooked bacon hocks
Home-made coleslaw
Scotch black pudding (slicing)
Black pudding horseshoes
Pork dripping
Beef dripping