Home farm foods, chutneys, pickles, cheese, eggs and more...

It's often those extra items that make our top quality meat taste even better.

And at K & EJ Crump & Son you can choose from a superb selection of chutneys, pickles, cheese, condiments, freshly laid eggs and much more.

A perfectly fried free-range egg with our best bacon - we reckon that's heaven on a plate!

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Product list - Home Farm Food

Supplied by Home Farm Foods

Apple chutney
Mango chutney
Pickled onions
Sliced beetroot
Baby beetroot
Redcurrant jelly
Mint sauce
Mint jelly
Cranberry sauce
Creamed horseradish sauce
Hot horseradish sauce
Bramley apple sauce
Lemon curd
Orange marmalade
Strawberry preserve
Blackberry and apple preserve
Caramelised onion chutney
Royal Wootton Bassett honey
Goose fat
Ginger biscuits
Chocolate chip cookies
Eccles cakes
Dumpling mix


Mature cheddar
Mild cheddar
Extra mature cheddar
Long Clawson stilton
Wensleydale and cranberry
Flaming hot
Four Counties

South African Delights!

Mrs Balls Chutney
Something South African Sauces incl.
Cape Farm Mushroom, Cape Malay Curry, Spicy Zulu Stew, Spicy Durban Curry
Ina Parmans Sauces incl.
Pepper sauce, Roast beef gravy

Cape Herb & Spice Rubs

Louisiana Cajan
Portugese Peri Peri
Texan Steakhouse
Caribbean Jerk


Vegetable, beef, chicken, lamb

Local Cooking Oils

Stainswick Farm Rape Seed Oil