Bacon, Ham & Gammon

Wiltshire is famous for its ham, bacon and gammon, and here at K & EJ Crump we know what tastes the best.

We supply only the most flavoursome bacon and gammon; perennial favourites, unsmoked, back bacon and gammon joints.

We also make own cooked hams, which include: honey-roast, apple-roast, mustard glazed and traditional breaded.

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Product list - Bacon & Gammon


Gammon corner


Unsmoked back
Smoked back
Smoked streaky
Unsmoked streaky
Unsmoked middle
Unsmoked back 400g pack
Smoked back 400g pack
Gammon steaks
Bacon steaks
Bacon pieces

Home Cooked Hams

Traditional Wiltshire
Honey roast
Mustard glazed
Apple roast